‘What Renters Want’ with Jessica Fiur: 5 Things Apartments Should Copy from Hotels

Apartment communities are taking cues from the hospitality industry. Here are five things apartments should adapt from hotels.

jfiur_infocusBy Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

Some apartment communities are adding more and more features that mirror the hospitality industry. For example, a community in New Jersey recently added a resident-only store, where residents can grab a coffee or pick up other essentials. This is a great idea, and will provide residents a convenience that will definitely make the community stand out, help with retention and attract new renters.

But why stop there? There are plenty of things that apartment communities could adapt (read: steal) from the hotel industry.

Concierge. I lived at my previous apartment for two and a half years, and during that time, tried about three restaurants. I didn’t really know the neighborhood, and it was just easier to stick to a two-block radius. It would have been nice to have some recommendations. At good hotels, the concierge recommends restaurants, books tours and gets tickets, among other things. Why not have the same service for your residents?

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