What Does Gen Z Want in Housing?

The youngest generation has a clear picture of how and where they want to live. NAA’s Paula Munger reveals the findings of the association’s most recent research in the latest podcast of our series.

Paula Munger, AVP of Industry Research & Analysis, National Apartment Association. Image courtesy of NAA

With the oldest of Gen Zs entering their prime renting years, it’s crucial for multifamily operators to know the preferences of the newest generation of renters and homeowners.

Where do most of them want to live? Are they more inclined to rent or to own? What amenities do they look for? The National Apartment Association tried to answer these questions and many more in their most recent survey that focuses on Gen Z.

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In partnership with Satisfacts/Apartment Ratings, NAA asked 18- to 23-year-olds about their intentions, needs and desires when it comes to housing. Unsurprisingly, NAA found that 94 percent of Gen Zs—a generation that has no recollection of the world without the internet—consider internet connections inside the apartment a significant factor when shopping for a place to live.

The digital generation wants to live in both vibrant and quiet suburbs, they value privacy and flexibility, and want to be close to where they work. Above all community amenities, most of them want a guaranteed parking spot, but they also place great value on health and wellness, as well as their environmental impact.

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