Want to Know How I Easily Completed a Class-A Lease-up 4 Hours Away From My Actual Home?

The hardest part of anything is the part you don't know.

Mauri Barnes
Mauri Barnes shares his secrets to a lease up. Image credit: Mauri Barnes via Multifamily Insiders

For the past eight months, I have been traveling about 600 miles weekly leading an on-site team to make sure this beautiful community reached budgeted occupancy/pre-lease.

(Which it did with about a month to spare.)

While the simple answer to this question is:

Caffeine and delusion. 😂😂

I have learned a much more easier way to approach a beast of a project like the one I just wrapped up today and have to share with everyone…

Use your resources!

You are not alone in ensuring owners are pleased and our goals are met.

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