Trinity Financial Chooses ButterflyMX to Enhance Resident Experience

Trinity Financial chose ButterflyMX to ensure their residents' luxury-living experience begins at the building's entryway. Read more about Trinity Financial and ButterflyMX.

Founded in 1987, Trinity Financial is an industry leader in developing affordable and market-rate luxury living spaces from New York to Boston. Since its founding, the company has developed more than $2 billion in transformative real estate projects in residential, commercial and mixed-use properties.

Trinity’s reputation for delivering high-quality products–especially those challenged by political, infrastructure, and environmental concerns–typically results in its developments building a stronger urban fabric through its commitment to the surrounding community. Trinity Financial utilized this experience in developing a unique and desirable residential community at Vela on the Park.

Trinity Financial chose ButterflyMX to ensure that its residents’ luxury-living experience begins at the building’s entryway.

“During the first year of construction we spoke with ButterflyMX about their smart intercom and its ability to allow residents to open and manage doors from their smartphone,” said Vice President, Development Abby Goldenfarb. “We believe that Vela on the Park residents should not be confined to the limitations of a traditional intercom system.”

In addition to opening and managing doors from their smartphone, residents can see and talk with whoever is calling them through live video, regardless of whether they’re in their apartment or out enjoying the local nightlife. What’s more, residents are able to issue virtual keys and delivery pins to visitors, allowing for seamless access for service providers such as house cleaners and dog walkers–a popular feature in a tech-forward city like Stamford.

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