Topex Wall-Mounted Vanity Aces Design, Space Saving Tests

A new series of wall-mounted bathroom vanities from Topex Hardware provide space saving functionality and storage, as well as an extreme level of customization, that should make your residents and design team smile.

Armadi Art Aqua Collection Wood Series (Walnut)

Both apartment designers and renters are always looking to get the most out of an inherently tight space. And out of all the rooms in an apartment, it always seems that the least amount of thought goes into the bathroom layout. An innovative solution from Topex Hardware seeks to make lives of designers and renters a little bit easier when it comes to creating and maintaining a tidy washroom.

The Armadi Art Aqua Collection is a wall-mounted sink with two large leather-lined drawers that easily doubles the storage space of most vanities. These European-manufactured wood and aluminum vanities all feature a waterproof top surface that blends seamlessly into a sink. Because the units are available in 24”, 28”, 36” and 48” configurations with over 30 finishes, the Armadi vanities can be customized for any apartment interior. Units are also available in a single drawer configuration. All drawers feature silent soft-close drawer slides, so your renter won’t have to worry about waking their roommate or significant others.

Armadi Art Aqua Collection Radius (White)

The 30 finishes are available in six series within the Armadi Art Aqua Collection. The Glass series is made from durable tempered glass and comes in a range of hues including blue, green and red. The material used is four times stronger than standard glass, which means the reflective surface will stand up to everything your renter throws at it.

The Leather series features a high quality leatherette with a crocodile grain. The line is available with either rounded corners or streamlined straight edges. The material, which is similar to that used by automobile manufacturers, is scratch resistant, waterproof and will not swell or warp over time.

Armadi Art Aqua Collection Picturesque (Bamboo)

The Picturesque series turns the vanity into a canvas with lifelike images such as bamboo, autumn leaves or nature photography of a lake.

The Wood series is built from a wood-based material that is both scratch and humidity resistant. Oak, teak, bamboo, cherry, walnut and wenge are all available in the line, which also features chrome handles that provide a nice design contrast.

The Coulours series is a gloss veneer available in white, beige, gray, cappuccino and dark grey.

The Radius series replaces the typical streamlined straight edges with rounded edges for a softer result than the other series. It comes in green and orange as well as the colors and finishes available in the Glass, Wood, Leather and Colours series.

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