Top Marketers: Retention Through the Digital Sphere

Vice President of Marketing and Brand for Draper and Kramer, James Love, discusses how modern technology brings authenticity to marketing.

James Love

James Love. Image by Remiker Photography courtesy of Draper & Kramer

The role that marketing plays in lead generation for multifamily communities might be self-explanatory, but what about resident retention? Further, with so many changes happening to the digital sphere right now–and happening quickly—how do marketers keep up?

James Love, vice president of marketing and brand at Draper and Kramer, Inc., has some answers. In this episode of Top Marketers, Jordana Rothberg, associate editor with Multi-Housing News, talks with Love about how he finds more opportunities to focus on authentic marketing and creativity while utilizing new and upcoming technology to his advantage. From his time making movies to working at a bank, Love knows how to write and market a great story.

With more than 25 years of brand building and go-to market strategy experience, Love has some great insights. Follow along the conversation and listen in as Rothberg and Love dig into:

  • Love’s background in storytelling, from aviation to movies (1:00)
  • Building a marketing department for Draper and Kramer (5:00)
  • How marketing plays a role in resident retention (6:20)
  • Social media as a decision engine (10:00)
  • How technology influences the resident experience (14:00)
  • How the digital sphere can be an advertisement (17:20)
  • A new way to search and an unexpected side story (20:00)
  • Getting back to authentic marketing (26:00)

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