Top Marketers: Keeping Pace With Virtual

Tune in to hear how The Life Properties’ Daphne Corbin uses all things virtual and AI to help brand an entire portfolio.

Daphne Corbin

Daphne Corbin. Image courtesy of The Life Properties

The list of new and upcoming tools for multifamily marketers is evolving every day. AI chat bots, virtual leasing agents, virtual tours… how does anyone keep up? Well, one top marketer knows.

Daphne Corbin is the vice president of marketing for The Life Properties. She first joined the company in 2019 with more than eight years of multifamily experience under her belt. At The Life Properties, she oversees marketing and branding initiatives for the company’s entire portfolio, along with advertising, website development, reputation management, trend analysis and more.

In this episode of Top Marketers, Corbin and Multi-Housing News Associate Editor, Jordana Rothberg, dive into how The Life Properties is staying ahead of the curve. Listen in as Corbin discusses exactly what she wants out of her virtual assistants and why she isn’t afraid to make some changes along the way.

Tune in to hear about:

  • Corbin’s background, coming from retail sales (1:00)
  • The rewarding process of building a marketing team from the ground up (4:00)
  • Ensuring the successful onboarding of onsite team members (6:20)
  • Implementing marketing into new properties using a brand kit (7:40)
  • The tech of the brand kit (10:00)
  • How Corbin utilizes virtual tours (11:45)
  • Virtual leasing assistants and how they help internally (15:30)
  • Selecting a virtual leasing assistant (20:00)
  • Keeping up with the ever-changing world of AI (23:00)
  • Advice to anyone that’s hesitant to dive into technology (26:30)

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