Top Marketers: Crafting a Team-Oriented Strategy

RailField Partners’ Carol Greenspun talks about how to create newsworthy opportunities catered to the strengths of your firm.

Each team has their strengths. And a great marketer knows how best to utilize these to create an authentic brand. That’s one of the ways that Carol Greenspun, director of marketing and operations, RailField Partners, helped put the company on the map.

Carol Greenspun. Image courtesy of RailField Partners

Greenspun has been with RailField Partners since 2021. She has more than 20 years of marketing consulting services background and has previously held marketing management positions with consumer-packaged goods companies and privately held firms.

When she first joined the company, Greenspun set up a lot of little things–LinkedIn profiles, email signatures, etc. But she had a much bigger role, too. She was tasked with getting RailField Partners the attention it deserved. In this Top Marketers podcast, Greenspun and Multi-Housing News Associate Editor Jordana Rothberg discuss her strategies for elevating the brand to garner national recognition.

Tune in to hear the two talk about:

  • Greenpun’s background as a marketer (1:00)  
  • Getting the ball rolling for the RailField Partners brand (3:45)
  • The differences–and similarities–of working with consumer-packaged goods versus real estate (6:45)
  • Primary strategies that Greenspun uses now (9:00)
  • Marketing to your team and ensuring timeliness (12:50)
  • How to get marketing to be a priority (18:00)
  • An upcoming project that gets Greenspun excited (19:30)

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