The Top Multifamily Properties in Digital Marketing

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In the world of property management, localization is essential. Where does your property management company fall when it comes to localized marketing?

In the world of property management, localization is essential. Where does your property management company fall when it comes to localized marketing? In a special report, “The Top Multifamily Properties in Digital Marketing,” the top 50 property management companies are analyzed to see how they are performing in localized marketing.

As a multifamily marketer, this report can help to strengthen your own localized marketing efforts and get ahead of the competition.

The Importance of Localized Marketing

As many of us know, COVID-19 has pushed the property management industry to move digital and local. This shift has occurred quickly and aligns with the shift in consumer behavior. In the early stages of the pandemic, in-person interactions had to be put on hold, forcing multi-family marketers to rethink their marketing and operational efforts.

Shifting Consumer Behaviors

Rather than driving by various apartments and touring them, potential tenants were doing the research and tours strictly online. In fact, 97 percent of consumers use local search when looking for an apartment and 100 percent of these searches are now dominated by the Google 3-pack results. The Google 3-pack is the method Google uses to display the top three search engine result pages. For instance, if a consumer searches for “apartments near me,” the Google 3-pack would display three apartments near the consumer’s search. It’s important to note that local intent is not always needed in the search query. If a consumer just searches for “apartments,” the top results relative to the consumer’s location, further emphasizing the importance of a local presence.

Connections to the Local Community

For property management companies, localized marketing can also be used to build connections to their local communities and target audiences. Your marketing efforts should vary based on the location of your properties. For instance, a marketing plan for a property in New York should vary from a marketing plan for a property in Texas. While walkability may be important in New York, the swimming pool or parking options may be more important in Texas. If your potential and current residents feel like you’re speaking directly to them, they will feel more connected to your community and be more likely to sign or resign a lease.

While your marketing efforts should vary based on each property’s location, it’s also important to have a local connection with your current residents at each of your properties. Are you hosting virtual game nights at your property? Are you responding to comments you receive from residents on social media? These aspects of localized marketing are important to consider and can give you the boost you need to build a community and further boost your digital presence.

Top Property Management Companies in Localized Marketing

The property management companies in the top 10 maintained a strong presence on local social platforms, managed their ratings and reviews effectively and updated their local listings to appear in local search results. For a more in-depth look into the data and more insight on their strong suits and areas of improvement, download the full report.

 Getting Started with Your Localized Marketing Efforts

What can your properties do to compete with the top companies? Here are a few recommendations for you to follow:

  • Claim and optimize all of your local pages. If you don’t have updated local listings, you will be less likely to appear in Google’s local search results.
  • Encourage residents to leave local reviews, and respond to those reviews in a personalized and timely manner.
  • Capitalize on the desire for residents to go local. Engage in local conversations online, and build a connection with your local community.
  • Consistency is king. Optimize ranking factors across the three big platforms to create a “whole is greater than the sum of its parts” advantage.

Download the full report for the complete list of top multi-family properties and more best practices for optimizing your localized marketing.

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