The Power of Preventive Maintenance

Simple fixes can save you thousands. Find out how.

Image courtesy of Multifamily Insiders.

The power of preventive maintenance is woefully underestimated. The act of changing an air filter is probably as unglamorous and unrecognized as any task that our team faces on a daily basis. Have you ever received a comment card that stated, “Tom changed my air filter today? He’s my hero!”

Yet, this simple service; installing a filter can save thousands of dollars. A filter that may cost a low as a few dollars, can be the key to longevity and higher efficiency with one of the most costly repairs that occurs in an apartment community.

With something so simple, how can it be so easily overlooked? Too often, the resident is busy. Maybe they didn’t get the notice for service. The filter doesn’t get changed for one rotation, maybe two. Then, SURPRISE!  The call comes in to emergency maintenance. The HVAC system isn’t working.

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