The Importance of Package Management

MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out the good and the bad about package management at apartment communities.

Renters_FocusA package management system is a very important amenity for apartment residents. This month, MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to find out the good and the bad about package management and mail systems at apartment communities.

“The building numbers are hard for delivery drivers to find.” —Austin, Texas

“We do not like that we have not been given a gate code so deliveries may not make it in to the complex.” —Seattle

“I ordered a desk and it was delivered to the front office. The maintenance guys delivered it to my second floor apartment on their own initiative. Absolutely wonderful!” —Albuquerque, N.M.

“Since I order online frequently, I would really appreciate either longer office hours or a delivery/drop off to my door even if I had to pay a small monthly fee for this service.” —Arlington Heights, Ill.

“The only recommendation that I have it to stay open later during the week (for at least another hour or two), so full-time employees could stop in and receive mail.” —Houston

“We need a larger or additional recycle bin at the mailboxes. It is always overflowing.” —Atlanta

“We once mailed an important letter to our bank using the mail slot in our building’s lobby. It never made it to the bank. Therefore, we have never felt safe mailing letters here.” —Natick, Mass.

“The mail room situation is a little silly. I shouldn’t have to sign up for a third-party service to pick up a package.” —Irving, Texas

“I really like the new package lockers. This is a very nice addition and makes things much easier for me.” —Mountain View, Calif.

“The office is not open before I leave for work and is closed when I get home, making it difficult to get packages. The office is very thoughtful sometimes by delivering packages to my door.” —Pasadena, Calif.

“Packages were stolen on our front door because they had been delivered here. Security should be improved.” —Hayward, Calif.

“I would like extended hours for package pick-up if lockers are not being used.” —Elkridge, Md.

“The last three times I have received packages I have responded to the email saying I’ve picked them up, and each time I get a friendly reminder that I have a package—very frustrating.” —Baltimore

“Why don’t they use the package lockers? It would make getting packages way easier and more convenient since I’m not always home before the office closes.” —Elkridge, Md.

“The office staff made this amazingly easy and pleasant, going above and beyond the call, moving some pre-shipped boxes into the unit for us, so we would have clothing and goods upon arrival.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“I want to live in an apartment with a concierge that will sign for my packages and that can be trusted so I can receive my packages.” —Dallas

“A three-day window for package pickup is burdensome when packages arrive early in the week.” —San Francisco

“It would be nice if the office notified you the same day a package comes for you, or even the next day. The email usually comes a week or later after the package arrives.” —Escondido, Calif.

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