The Executive Brief: New Webcast Interviews Executives to Spotlight Key Trends

Short sessions are long on ideas to help multifamily businesses manage every aspect of business.

Over the last several months, multifamily real estate owners and managers have shifted the way they operate amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Their focus has been on taking care of their residents and staff while maintaining business continuity in a changing environment. Yardi technology helped its clients adapt and is now helping them share their experiences with others.

In this series of engaging interviews fewer than 30 minutes, industry leaders share their successes, challenges and best practices on a variety of topics impacting multifamily real estate. Fast-paced for busy professionals, these inspiring conversations are relatable to a variety of multifamily businesses and range from marketing and leasing to operations and investments, including:

  • Towne Properties’ Chad Munitz talks collections and adjustments they’ve made to take care of their customers and staff while protecting their bottom line— including a 44 percent reduction in paper rent payments, and how benchmarking against the competition has been a game changer.
  • Cindy Fisher with KETTLER discusses rent deferral, repayment and revenue strategy in response to the impact of COVID-19 and reveals why she has a positive outlook for multifamily.
  • Operations executives Steve Lamberti of Highmark Residential, Margette Hepfner of Lincoln Property Co. and Robert Grealy of KETTLER, talk about the lasting changes to leasing, maintenance and online payments.
  • Grubb Properties’ Shawn Cardner shares his take on using big data to validate programs, analyze collections and adjust quickly to changing needs.
  • BH Cos., Bridge Property Management and KETTLER executives share their outlook for multifamily investments, including new construction and capex.
  • Additional episodes include discussions on high tech versus high touch self-guided tours, changes in ID verification and screening practices, revenue management strategies, and forecasting and budgeting trends for 2021.

The sessions are free and available on demand, with more added regularly. Click here to learn more about The Executive Brief series.

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