Technicians Are Exhausted

It’s time to make some much-needed changes in how we operate our service departments.

Image courtesy of Multifamily Insiders

Technicians are exhausted, burnt out and need time to replenish, recover, and re-energize. If you don’t do something about it the shortage of techs will only get much worse. It is time to make changes that matter.

We all know that our technicians are the heartbeat of our service and commitment to take care of our residents and make our properties as successful as possible.

The pandemic and the past year have taken a serious toll on everyone on site that cannot be overlooked, and it is evident by employee turnover which specifically includes our Service Team members.

More than ever before, good technicians are hard to find, and the great ones are even more of a rare find. There is such a shortage, that when a great tech is available or looking for a new place of employment they are inundated with offers, messages from recruiters and almost always have a new place of employment immediately.

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