StudioSIX5 Creates Custom Carpets for Senior Living

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The products designed for retirement homes have a neutral color range, low pile heights, superior durability and are easy to clean.

StudioSIX5 Custom Carpets. Image courtesy of StudioSIX5
StudioSIX5 Custom Carpets. Image courtesy of StudioSIX5

StudioSIX5, an interior design firm active in the senior living sector, has teamed up with carpet manufacturers to create products that match the specific needs and trends of senior living communities. The company has developed a series of carpets that color coordinate with one another and can be scaled to fit spaces of any size.

The custom carpets designed by StudioSIX5 for senior living take into consideration characteristics such as type, functionality, durability and cleanability. The patterns and colors can be incorporated into traditional, transitional or contemporary environments. The carpets are also suitable for hospitality, multifamily and student housing projects.

Senior housing design uses neutral colors, such as grays and beige-and-gray combinations, as the aging eye cannot quickly adjust to high-contrast colors. The two styles of carpets used are the traditional broadloom, which is a 12-foot-long roll, and carpet tiles that come in squares, rectangles or planks. Carpet tiles are ideal for senior living because they have a lower pile height, making it easier for seniors to walk or roll on. The products feature superior backing for durability, moisture barriers and solution-dyed nylon yarn systems that make the carpet easier to clean.

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