Social Media Takeaways from the US Airways Pornographic Twitter Incident

US Airways recently accidentally tweeted an inappropriate image to a customer. Property managers could get some takeaways for their community's social media pages from this incident.

jfiur_infocusBy Jessica Fiur, Senior Editor

Mistakes on social media, especially professional pages, can happen very quickly, and be seen by thousands of followers in an instant. Take, for example, US Airways’ latest social media gaffe. The company’s official Twitter account tweeted a pornographic image involving a woman and a US Airways’ branded toy airplane. The tweet was in response to a customer who had complained about a delayed flight. The picture had been tweeted to US Airways by someone else, and the social media manager there accidentally attached it as a response to the customer.

There are some lessons property managers should take from this incident when dealing with their community’s social media pages.

Keep watch. This incident highlights that something inappropriate can get posted really easily. Make sure you or someone on your team is constantly checking what your residents (and employees) are posting about the community, and take down or flag for moderation anything that shouldn’t be there. That’s not to say you should take down bad reviews. Bad reviews happen and can be a learning tool.

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