ROSS Plans Consolidation, Rebranding of VA Apartments

Why the company feels combining properties will help lease ups.

By Dees Stribling, Contributing Editor

Richmond, Va.—ROSS Management Services has taken over management for a group of apartment properties along Chamberlayne Ave. in the Ginter Park neighborhood of North Richmond. Cedar Grove Partners LLC, which recently acquired the Chamberlayne Ave. portfolio, selected ROSS for the task.

ROSS says it will consolidate the properties and rebrand the result as The Flats at Ginter Park, which will consist of 312 market-rate apartments. Originally constructed between 1961 and 1977, four different properties compose the Chamberlayne Avenue portfolio, spread among nine buildings on a little more than five acres.

Included are the Alexandria Group, The Fredericksburg, Gas Light and 4828 Chamberlayne Avenue; Abbey Square and Northside are also part of the consolidation. Chamberlayne Ave. is a primary thoroughfare of the city’s north side and provides direct access to downtown Richmond.

The Ginter Park neighborhood was originally conceived in the late 19th century by Lewis W. Ginter, founder of the American Tobacco Co. Ginter purchased hundreds of acres of farmland and soon unveiled grid-based subdivision plans, mostly composed of upper-end single-family dwellings. “This portion of the city has been underserved for too long and is ready for a renaissance,” said David Miskovich, COO for ROSS Management Services.

The company plans the creation of an on-site centralized management office and will redesign the The Flats at Ginter Park’s digital marketing strategy to make it easier for prospective renters to learn about the property and lease an apartment. ROSS will also integrate its reputation management platform to improve The Flats at Ginter Park’s reputation on review sites such as Yelp, ApartmentRatings and Google.

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