Residents’ Biggest Concerns Over Security

In communities across the country, residents shared their biggest worries—from parking lot safety to door locks.

Image via Pixabay

A feeling of safety and security at an apartment community is one of the biggest factors in whether a resident stays or leaves a property. In our monthly partnership with Kingsley Associates, we find out what residents are concerned about the most at their communities, what makes them feel secure and how their property can be improved.

“The lack of security has resulted in multiple vehicle break ins, vandalism, and homeless people raiding the dumpsters” –Colton, Calif.

“Add security at nights and add more locked doors. Many doors are left open at night making it easy for people to break in. Due to an email sent about a security issue, I have felt unsafe at times at the apartment.” –Dallas, Texas

“I enjoy the apartment size and finishes. I feel safe in the building. I enjoy having amenities like a rooftop, Lounge, and doorman.” –Brooklyn, N.Y.

“Buildings are not very secure. Some residents are able to jerk open the main door which breaks or weakens the lock and puts all residents in a less safe situation. Also parking enforcement is not consistent. People know late at night that no one is checking and they parked illegally.” –Alexandria, Va.

“The most important part of living in the community is to feel safe and recently they got rid of our security guard that used to patrol in the golf cart all night while we slept and factor in the multitude of exterior lights that are not working makes people that live here not feel safe.” –Houston, Texas

“The building is secure.  It brings peace of mind that the packages are delivered into the building.” –Allston, Mass.

“The only reason we did not rent there was because the front doors were not secure. Easy for outside people to slip in doorway unnoticed.” –Baltimore, Md.

“Maybe outdoor security and appearance could be improved by replacing the lightbulbs with energy efficient daylight lightbulbs.” –Atlanta, Ga.

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