Renters’ Choice: Residents on the Great Outdoors

This month, MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to see what renters think about the outdoor space in their communities.

MHN_RentsArt_800x600Outdoor space can be very valuable to your residents. This month, MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to see what renters think about the outdoor space at their communities.

“It would be cool to have a community garden where people can plant things if they don’t have room on their balcony! We could even stick a tag on our plants so we know who it belongs to.” —Everett, Wash.

“It is a shame that the basketball courts and the family amenities are unavailable on Sundays. Sunday is the day most families have the time to spend with their children using these amenities.” —Mukilteo, Wash.

“Everything is great, especially for young, active professionals! Fitness is important to me, and the basketball courts and pool are essential.” —San Diego

“Please put some BBQ cleaning brushes by the common BBQ units so we can keep those clean.” —Oklahoma City, Okla.

“Coinciding with the sense of community, it would be really neat if once or twice a year, a community BBQ or something was hosted for residents to provide an opportunity for us to meet each other.” —Baltimore

“I love the big trees and the well-maintained gardens.” —Redlands, Calif.

“Lights on the grills would be amazing! It’s dark out there in the winter, but we appreciate them being open.” —Marlborough, Mass.

“I enjoy the outdoor amenities the most. The pool area is beautiful and always looking clean and well-kept, and the fire pit and seating areas create a wonderful atmosphere.” —Sanford, Fla.

“There are many extras that make future use of the property a great family residence (tennis courts, playgrounds, picnic areas and swimming pools). It’s like living in a well-maintained hotel!” —Lawrenceville, N.J.

“I love the new playground. Giving the kids a great place to play keeps them out of trouble.” —Clearwater, Fla.

“Consider doing something with the rooftop space in summer such as a community area with sitting space and perhaps games.” —Norwalk, Conn.

“A rooftop deck would be a fantastic addition. The view from the roof is incredible and it really is a missed opportunity having it closed off to residents.” —New York

“The tennis court lights weren’t on all summer. I want them on so I can play after dark in the warm months.” —Atlanta

“I love that there is a little trail to run on, but I wish it was better maintained so I didn’t trip occasionally or slip on loose rocks from the path.” —Kansas City, Kan.

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