Renters’ Choice: Party Time

How do residents feel about outreach programs and community events?

Nowadays, when renters lease an apartment, they expect more than just having a place to hang their hat. Today’s residents want to interact with both their neighbors and the property management company. They want to be part of a community. This is good for property managers too—residents who feel like they are part of a community are more likely to renew their leases and provide good word of mouth on apartment review sites. MHN partnered with Kingsley Associates to see which community events residents love, and which ones they could do without.

❝I’d like to see some informal social groups—book clubs, wine tastings, social activities.❞
—Boynton Beach, Fla.

❝Unfortunately, social activites are held when most working people cannot attend them. ❞
—Eden Prairie, Minn.

❝There is zero sense of community. This is one of the reasons why I will probably move. A building like this should have more activity.❞
—Oakland, Calif.

❝I really think management should broadcast social activities via email. I didn’t receive anything, and I felt totally disconnected from my neighbors. ❞
 —San Jose, Calif.

❝I would prefer fewer pizza parties if it meant an increase in quality elsewhere. ❞
—Tempe, Ariz.

❝I think this building should do more events to bring the building together. Many residents don’t know one another and they aren’t very friendly.❞
—Washington, D.C.

❝The food truck nights have been very nice and are a great idea! ❞

❝Pool parties over the summer make me want to move out of the apartment as soon as possible because of the extremely loud music they play. ❞
—Charlotte, N.C.

❝The ‘sense of community’ and ‘community engagement within the building’ were pushed during my leasing process, but I have seen no evidence of this. I haven’t seen any happy hours/pool parties/etc. advertised within the building as I was led to believe would happen.❞
—Hollywood, Calif.

❝I like getting a text message reminder when they’re having social activities, but I would like to get it a few days before, not an hour before. ❞
—Winter Garden, Fla.

❝We need a ‘party room’ or gathering place. I think that would add to the ‘community feeling.❞

❝My lease is coming due, so I have visited other properties that are much less expensive. They offer yoga practice, exercise classes, boot camps, breakfast every Saturday and many other perks. That may influence my renewal decision. ❞
—Austin, Texas

❝We’re adults with busy professional and social lives. We’re not concerned with ‘building a sense of community’ within the building. We just want a convenient, well-maintained place to live.❞
—Washington, D.C.

❝I wish there was more of a social life for those over 40. The building is popular with a very young crowd—leaving oldies, like me, feeling isolated. ❞
—Nashville, Tenn.

❝I think we should have a resident party committee that can help in the planning and nature of activities. ❞
 —Silver Spring, Md.

❝It would be nice if some of the social activities would be more child friendly. ❞

❝I would like management to organize apartment-wide events like barbecues, pool party, wine night. I’d like to meet more of my neighbors and I’d like management to help coordinate that.❞

❝I love the extra activities like movie night and pool parties. Keep that up!❞

Resident feedback from Kingsley Associates

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