REISA Elects New Board of Director Officers

REISA, an association for alternative investments, has elected its 2012 Board Officers.

Indianapolis—REISA, an association for alternative investments, has elected its 2012 Board Officers. The following six industry leaders will guide REISA this year: Daniel Oschin, Michael Weil, Tony Chereso, Mark Kosanke, Bill Winn and Dustin Zachmeyer.

Daniel Oschin will serve as president. Oschin is managing director of KBR Capital Partners. He is primarily focused on developing new programs and strategies designed to enhance and expand the company’s capital formation platforms and channels, while cultivating pioneering models that will diversify and augment KBR’s brand and enterprise.

Michael Weil will serve as president-elect. Weil is the executive vice president at American Realty Capital, where he is integral in originating investment opportunities by building relationships with corporate tenants, financial institutions, developers and brokers. He also serves as the American Realty Capital partner responsible for providing strategic oversight for Realty Capital Securities, American Realty Capital’s wholly-owned subsidiary. The position of president-elect for REISA automatically ascends to president in 2013.

Anthony Chereso will serve as vice president. Chereso is a principal and COO of FactRight, a leading risk management due diligence firm supporting independent broker-dealers and their advisors. Chereso is responsible for the deployment of FactRight’s strategic initiatives including implementation and servicing their broker-dealer partners.

Mark G. Kosanke will serve as treasurer. Kosanke is a founding partner of the Concorde Financial Group of Companies. Kosanke has over 25 years of accounting, tax and operations experience and over 20 years of securities experience in both equities and real estate. He leads the 1031 Exchange area for Concorde Exchange Group and continues to be involved in strategic planning and portfolio design. In addition, he is the due diligence and compliance officer for Professional Asset Management, a FINRA Broker-Dealer.

Bill Winn will serve as secretary. Winn is president and partner of Passco Companies LLC and has been with the firm since 1998. Passco is a leading tenant-in-common (TIC) sponsor firm offering TIC investments through the broker-dealer community. Winn is also a past president of REISA.

Dustin Zachmeyer will serve as assistant treasurer. Zachmeyer is director of product sales & services with Berthel Fisher & Company Financial Services Inc. In this role, he is responsible for supervising and coordinating staff and activities related to product due diligence, sales and promotion.

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