Puppy Love?

How do your residents view your pet policies?

The cat’s out of the bag: more and more communities are becoming pet friendly—much to the delight of potential residents who are animal lovers. MHN pairs with Kingsley Associates to see what renters are saying about their community’s pet policies.

“People do not pick up their dog poop, dogs are not kept on leashes, and there are no consequences.” —Shoreline, Wash.

“Wish there were no cats running around the community.” —Phoenix

“Recently we thought about getting a dog. I partially understand the $500 deposit to cover my 12-year-old carpets, etc. [smiling], but the $50 extra a month I do not understand.” —Laguna Niguel, Calif.

“The lease agreement states that pet owners are supposed to pick up after their pets; however, the grass is littered with feces, leading to an unpleasant and unsanitary experience when outside.” —Addison, Texas

“The new policy to allow dogs almost made me move out. It was handled and communicated poorly by the management staff, and the residents were not given any advance warning. Some residents chose the property specifically because dogs were not allowed.” —Lake Forest, Calif.

“Management should do a better job screening people with animals. There has been a steady rise of very unfriendly breeds of dogs in the building over the last few months. Too many instances of aggressive behavior and altercations with other residents because of their dogs.” —Alexandria, Va.

“The pet deposit is pretty expensive.” —Raleigh, N.C.

“Instead of the new dog park that you implemented, you could have improved our safety by upgrading the exterior lighting and signage.” —Brentwood, Tenn.

“I’d like to see a pet-specific area for bathroom needs.” —Bedford, Mass.

“I would like to see the dog park enlarged. It would be nice to have a larger area to let your dog off-leash and run around.” —West Chester, Pa.

“Would love to have an indoor pet facility. My wife has to walk the dog outdoors at night when I am gone. It can be frightening.” —Seattle

“Ultimately we decided to move to another community based on wanted a pet-friendly community.” —Richardson, Texas

“I think some of the residents are inconsiderate when it comes to their pets. They really need to be more cognizant and clean up after their animals.” —Alexandria, Va.

“I wish that for the cost of pet fees, there would be greater amenities offered.” —Centreville, Va.

“The pet policy is too costly.” —Charlotte, N.C.

“Continue enforcing the pet policies already in place. Management is doing great at this so far, but many residents do not respect these policies.” —Bothell, Wash.

“There are dogs barking all the time. Walls are extremely thin so you can hear everything!” —Phoenix

“I wish teh apartment community was more pet friendly.” —Tampa, Fla.

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