Products & Services: The Spin on Laundry

Technology enables better revenue and maintenance management

By Joshua Ayers, Senior Editor

Inadequate laundry facilities can be a deal breaker for both new and long-term residents. So cleanliness, accessibility and easy-to-use equipment are key. While keeping things tidy will help improve the look and feel of the laundry room, embracing new technology, both for large laundry rooms and for in-unit appliances, will set your property apart from others that still rely on the guessing game with regards to payments and maintenance. MHN has compiled a brief list of products and services that can help make the laundry experience a good one for managers and residents.

Maytag: Released earlier this year, Maytag’s  Connect 360° system allows owners to remotely monitor money collection and usage patterns via a small module that attaches to current Maytag machines. Through the web-based system, owners can make modifications to vending prices in order to maximize profits. The system also includes the ability to monitor cycle data and predict maintenance. It will send service notifications that can then be sent immediately to the appropriate maintenance party. The module attachment can also be retrofitted to older model appliances as well (

Speed Queen: The web-based Quantum control system allows managers the flexibility and convenience of remote laundry room monitoring, while residents enjoy the convenience of the WashAlert add-on that allows them to track the status of their laundry via secure login page on a property’s website, as well as receive email notifications when their laundry cycles are completed. Managers, owners and maintenance staff can enjoy real-time alerts for machine vending or service errors and the ability to remotely reset a machine’s cycle (

Mac Gray: This pioneer in the digital laundry revolution continues to impress with its suite of multifamily and student housing products and appliances. The company’s ChangePoint system allows users to make laundry payments via credit or debit, as well as cash, eliminating residents’ annoying need to hoard quarters, while allowing management companies the ability to reduce on-site cash issues. The system is integrated with the company’s LaundryView product, which allows renters to set up web and text notifications for when their laundry cycles are complete and managers to track vending and maintenance data (

LG Electronics: South Korea-based LG is perhaps one of the leading manufacturers in high-efficiency appliances. The company’s commercial-grade Giant C and Eagle front-load washer and dryer sets boast a sleek design and components that facilitate energy savings. The energy-star rated washers feature the Inverter Control System which allows for only the necessary electricity and water to be used. The dryers feature multiple level control systems and an extra-large drum capacity so residents can dry more clothes in one cycle. Both washers and dryers are AdaptAble controls-ready so owners can select the products, such as coin-op fittings, that best suit their laundry room needs (

Azuma: The Austin, Texas-based company was founded in 1993 and has grown to be one of the nation’s top companies for in-unit appliance rentals at apartment communities.  Residents at communities with in-unit washer and dryer connections—but no appliances—can apply for washer and dryer rentals on the company’s website and, if approved, they can schedule a delivery or pick-up time and manage the account entirely online (

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