Product Spotlight: WegoWise

The software platform automates energy benchmarking, building analytics and sustainability reporting.

Energy-saving appliances, operations systems and building components have become almost standard in modern multifamily buildings. While developers, owners and operators may be eager to include these features into their properties, an energy saving plan only affects operating income significantly if usage and savings can be benchmarked and tracked.

WegoWise is an energy benchmarking and monitoring service that is experiencing sizable growth as its customer base grew by 44 percent between 2015 and 2016. Serving market rate, affordable and public multifamily housing, WegoWise simplifies the process of evaluating energy data, identifies spikes in energy usage and manages bill data automatically.

Here is how the software works to reduce costs and increase efficiency:

  • Benchmarking: WegoWise benchmarks energy and water usage of each building relative to others in a portfolio, or in the case of a singular building, other comparable buildings in the area. Benchmarking data is the first step to setting goals for energy usage going forward.
  • Variance Identification: If the software detects energy and water consumption that exceeds the expected usage, it can alert managers to leaks, equipment failure or operational inefficiency so action can be taken right away.
  • Data Automation: The software platform automatically finds and updates utility bill data from the property’s providers and frees staff from the arduous and time-wasting process of manual bill collection and monitoring.
  • Impact Measurement: WegoWise can provide reports detailing the projected impact of future building upgrades using standard engineering protocols to gauge the viability of and potential savings resulting from a proposed retrofit project.
  • ENERGY STAR Integration: The software platform integrates with the EPA Portfolio Manager, and can generate and update ENERGY STAR scores by automatically uploading utility information.

Image courtesy of WegoWise.

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