Product Spotlight: BuildingVibe

The online platform helps facilitate interaction between residents and management.

1468769912Setup_Owner_Portal_with_Macv3_550X323As the apartment market becomes more and more competitive, resident retention is more important than ever. However, traditional methods of communication with residents are hardly enough to stay a step ahead of competitors. Emails often go unanswered, message boards get ignored and flyers in the mailbox are often thrown out. Today’s renter expects interactions with their management company to be quick and seamless, and a digital solution is the best way to accomplish this.

BuildingVibe, a virtual community building solution, provides a space for residents and owners to have conversations, engage and collect feedback. Both residents and management can use the platform to communicate, chat with each other or post comments. Owners or management may post announcements, event information or relevant documents for residentsaccess. Management can choose to add recommendations for local restaurants, shopping and entertainment options.

BuildingVibe also serves as a way to collect valuable data from residents, eliminating surveys, which often go unanswered. The system offers a simple way for residents to rate the quality of parking, common areas, internet connectivity, maintenance or any other custom categories chosen by the property owner. The resident’s feedback is then recorded in reports which management can use to improve operations. This data can also help inform capital improvement plans by factoring in the resident’s voice.

Since the software is cloud-based, it requires no software and can be accessed with any web browser. Pricing is based upon building size or number of units. For more information, visit BuildingVibe’s website.

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