Product Spotlight: Aqua Mizer’s Water-Saving Solution

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Aqua Mizer's new water conservation technology not only reduces water waste but prevents floods, as well.

As energy efficiency becomes more of a priority for renters and property owners alike, an increasing number of multifamily buildings are being fitted with water conservation technology in order to save money and resources. When it comes to water usage, the bathroom accounts for most of a residence’s water consumption, as well as for most of its water waste. In fact, toilets alone account for 46 percent of all water usage in a typical household. Depending on the age of the building and toilet, a leak can waste 75,000 gallons of water per year. Considering that 20 percent of households have a leaky toilet, this can amount to huge costs and waste.

Visual representation of the amount of water wasted by an average leaky toilet in one year.
Visual representation of the amount of water wasted by an average leaky toilet in one year.

The introduction of the Aqua Mizer Solution aims to address this problem with an inexpensive retrofit that can save water, prevent leaks and protect against toilet tank floods. The system uses a patented toilet tank fill valve and an adjustable, flat-bottomed flapper, which reduces flush volume. According to Aqua Mizer, the entire cost of the system pays for itself within its first year of use. Results vary depending on the age and condition of the toilet, but Aqua Mizer reported that a 170-unit, two-story facility is currently saving 2.5 million gallons of water per year.

In addition to water-saving features, the system also offers important flood protection features. After flushing, if the tank does not immediately refill, the valve turns itself off to avoid a potential flood. This small safety feature can prevent costly and unsafe water damage.

Aqua Mizer offers the option of installation by certified installers or by building personnel. For more information about the Aqua Mizer Solution, visit the company’s website.

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