Ventless Fireplaces Can Be Installed Anywhere

HearthCabinet fireplaces run off alcohol gel fuel, which is cleaner than wood smoke and doesn't require electricity, gas or venting.

By Mallory Bulman

HEARTHCABINETFireplaces are a charming, yet high-maintenance, selling point in any home. In a multifamily unit, it can be even harder to find an optimal spot for a fireplace that aligns with vents or electric outlets. In communal spaces, even if there is an ideal spot for a fireplace, there is always the risk of smoke, odor, ashes or fire causing more problems than it’s worth. Even outside, smoke from wood fires can irritate the nose, eyes, heart and lungs.

HearthCabinet Ventless Fireplaces are a clean-burning alternative to wood fireplaces that use alcohol gel cartridges to produce the same real, crackling flames without the smoke, odor or ashes. Each cartridge lasts up to two hours and gives off heat without the use of electricity, gas, wood, a chimney or a flue. This means they can be installed virtually anywhere, including outdoors. With a double-steel wall design that contains the flame behind a locked door, it is impossible for children or pets to get to the gel fuel cartridge.

HearthCabinet offers eight standard models that can be tailored with finishes, colors and other decorative choices, or the company can custom design a bespoke model. Interior finish options include tile, stainless steel or brick patterns, and flames can be lit around faux logs, river stones, glass chips, beads or rocks or candles.

Image courtesy of HearthCabinet