Automate the Building Materials Procurement Process

Yardi's Procure to Pay platform streamlines the process of obtaining the necessary items for a multifamily property to run smoothly.

Procurement of building materials can be a costly and time-consuming process. Yardi’s Procure to Pay software is a platform that saves time and money by optimizing the procurement of everything needed to keep a multifamily property running smoothly. Yardi Procure to Pay offers automated procurement through Yardi Marketplace, vender management with VENDORCafe and electronic invoice processing with Yardi PAYscan.

Procure to Pay organizes procurement and offers portfolio-wide spend management tools. Users can customize their own online catalogs with existing vendor relationships as well as approve and leverage negotiated pricing for any property in a portfolio. It can also perform real-time budget checks, which helps manage spending control.

Yardi Marketplace is a central place for supplier management which includes up-to-date online catalogs. Features like pre-negotiated rates and online shopping optimize convenience. Users can create favorite product lists and add items to a custom shopping cart to ensure that purchase orders are automatically populated with full accounting details.

Other features include customizable workflows, flexible payment schedules and detailed spend analytics; complete vendor profile management for easy updates; automated vendor invoice and payment processing workflows; invoice processing with online approvals; and reporting and analytics from purchase to payment, among others.