A Truck-Sharing Service for Residents

Recently featured on ABC reality show, Truxx is a platform like Uber, but for trucks and vans so users can move large objects. Apartment buildings are now offering the service for new residents moving in.

A new ABC reality show called “Funderdome” along the lines of “Shark Tank,” which features entrepreneurs competing for start-up money, awarded $15,000 to Carlos Suarez, CEO and co-founder of Truxx. As a retail design expert, Suarez recognized the need for temporary access to pickups or vans, and the concept for Truxx occurred to him as he struggled to fit a large flat-screen television in his car several years ago. Truxx emerged as a truck-sharing service that provides users with a pickup or van to move large items. Like Uber, there are drivers who can register to lend their truck or van, and users, who need to move large items. 

Already experiencing more than 100 percent growth for 2017 as of August, the truck sharing concept is rapidly growing. According to the company, Truxx is most popular in cities, where people live in apartments and may not have access to any vehicle, let alone a truck or van. Access to Truxx is currently being offered to apartment residents in buildings in Chicago and New York upon moving in. In any city, car access can be limited, and offering a convenient moving solution could be a deciding factor for a prospective renter. 

Currently operating in New York, Florida, Illinois, Texas, Kentucky and Pennsylvania, the company is looking to expand. Truxx is looking to increase its business in the Philadelphia area, where they see driver registration doubling and new users register every day. “Generally, once we hit a certain threshold of driver density and user demand, the service tends to take off. We hope to get there soon in the Philadelphia market,” said Suarez in a statement.