A Smart-Home System Designed for Multifamily

Tailored to multifamily communities, IOTAS is an automated system that controls everything from the temperature in a resident's unit to security in common areas.


Smart homes have become not only a buzzword, but an attainable concept for single-family and multifamily residences alike. However, most popular products like Amazon Echo or Nest thermostats are designed to work in a single-family home setting. Instead of trying to integrate individual systems into a multifamily setting, IOTAS smart apartment system is a comprehensive approach to digitizing multifamily communities from the inside of units to common areas. 

Integrating Technologies

Composed of IOTAS software and hardware including the IOTAS hub, smart switches and outlets, door and motion sensors and smart thermostats, the system also integrates with existing technologies like Amazon Echo, Schlage locks, Google Home, SONOS and more. While residents have full control of the IOTAS systems from their smartphones, management has control of common areas and vacant units from the system’s Property Dashboard. The Dashboard allows management to not only monitor the conditions of vacant units, but also to analyze data to gain valuable insights, save on energy costs and identify potential problems.

While working with a system that integrates so many technologies may seem like a hassle, IOTAS is very much a self-contained product. When residents move in, all they have to do is download the app to get started in customizing their unit to their routine, and when they move out, all hardware resets itself. The IOTAS team even takes care of customer service and hardware maintenance, meaning that property management staff and ownership can sit back and enjoy the added value, energy efficiency and cost saving that digital automation provides. 

With future-proofing at the forefront of most owners’ and developers’ minds, IOTAS is a way to get a step ahead and prepare multifamily properties for the full digitization that renters want now, and will come to expect in the future. 

Image courtesy of iotashome.com