Poll: When Will Financing and Transactions Pick Up the Pace?

When do you think the pace of financing and transactions will pick up?

In MHN’s most recent monthly poll, readers were asked about when they think financing and transactions will take place at a higher volume compared to the present. Amid a currently volatile lending and deal-making landscape, the results reflect anticipation of a more stable lending environment later in the year.

Nearly a third of respondents see the third quarter as the time in which deal-making levels will resemble those of previous years, likely due to widespread predictions of a leveling-off of inflation and a halt to further destabilizing interest rate hikes. For similar reasons, 22 percent predict an expedition to transactions in the second quarter, after the last expected rate hike. A 1 percent majority sees the speed-up beginning at the start of 2024.

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Only 12 percent of respondents see the fourth quarter as the time when financing and transaction numbers will increase, a time when deal-makers try especially hard to close. Its place in between the expected third-quarter stabilization of inflation and the majority-expected deal-making increases at the start of next year likely explain this discrepancy.

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