Poll Results: Where Readers Are Developing

More than two-thirds of respondents listed the Sun Belt as their top area for new projects.

Where MHN Developers are DevelopingIn MHN’s latest monthly poll, readers were queried about their development priorities, specifically the geographic regions where they are developing new communities in all asset classes.

More than two thirds ( 67 percent) of the poll’s respondents listed the Sun Belt as their regional development priority, a region home to the 10 counties in the nation experiencing the fastest net in-migration. Additionally, residents have been attracted to the states’ warmer climates and more relaxed regulatory environments. Within those responses, 50 percent of those polled listed the Southeast, with Florida and the Texas Triangle being home to 9 of the 10 counties with the highest numeric population growth.

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The remainder of responses listed the Northeastern and Western U.S. as their centers of regional development. The final 7 percent named the Midwest as their development priority

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