Podcast: Doug Bibby Reflects on 2020

The longtime NMHC leader discusses postponing his exit from the group, rent collections and growing renter debt, and why he's optimistic about the industry's future.

Doug Bibby, President, NMHC. Image courtesy of NMHC

NMHC President Doug Bibby, who has led the influential industry organization for the last two decades, looks back on the unprecedented events of 2020 and how they impacted the multifamily sector, in the latest episode of MHN’s “The Lease-Up” Podcast.

In conversation with MHN Senior Associate Editor Holly Dutton, Bibby talks about why he decided to postpone his planned exit from the organization this year, the latest efforts in the push for federal rent relief, where things stand with rent collections and the worries over growing renter debt, and why he’s optimistic about multifamily’s future. 

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