Outdoor Amenities

Apartment residents comment on rooftop decks, dog runs and more.

This month, MHN teamed up with research and consulting services firm Kingsley Associates to ask residents what they think about the outdoor amenities in their apartment communities. The types of outdoor amenities being offered will certainly vary from low-rise suburban to high-rise urban settings, but residents have clearly defined preferences. For example, The research shows that rooftop gardens and swimming pools are highly desireable. Whether they live in a garden apartment or in the city, residents enjoy communal spaces that encourace social interaction—and don’t forget the WiFi.

“The pool really needs to have adequate shade. Presently there is none.” —Arlington, Va.

“I think management should build a roof-top deck. The building has amazing views and it would add to the sense of community.” —Brooklyn, N.Y.

“The car was is an important amenity, but it hasn’t worked properly for the over two years I’ve lived here.” —Fremont, Calif.

“I love music—all kinds—and I love it around the pool, but not so loud that it intrudes into my apartment.” —Dallas

“I miss the hot tub and being able to invite friends over to use it. The fire pit is nice, but not quite as useful.” —Dallas

“The rooftop swimming pool and barbecue area are great. They create a strong sense of community—more than other places I have lived.” —North Hollywood, Calif.

“It’s high time we have WiFi at the pool and also near the fitness center.” —Chula Vista, Calif.

“I love the garden plots! And the walking trails behind the apartments are also a great community feature.” —Austin, Texas

“I would like the community to ban smoking outdoors in common areas, especially around the pool.” —Orange, Calif.

“It would be helpful to get a map of the community upon move-in showing the location of all the amenities.” —Atlanta

“The lighting around the lake could be better so that we feel more comfortable going for night-time walks.” —Boca Raton, Fla.

“My primary focus in looking for an apartment was dog-friendliness. I loved the dog run, the treats in the lobby and the fact that I heard a dog bark, and no one seemed to notice.” Washington, D.C.

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