NAA Insights: The Future of Multifamily Is in Good Hands. Here’s Why.  

Stefani Hurst, manager of member programs, and Tyler Marker, a winner of the NAA’s “20 in Their 20s” awards, on this generation’s need for training, mentoring and recognition.

Tyler Marker and Stefani Hurst

(From left to right) Tyler Marker, Stefani Hurst. Images courtesy of Zidan Management Group and NAA, respectively

To make ends meet, Tyler Marker accepted a part-time leasing position at the community he was living at while in college. His direct supervisor and all the other multifamily professionals he met in that role made him feel appreciated and that he belongs to the multifamily industry. Today, he is the director of marketing and professional development for Zidan Management Group, and one of the recipients of National Apartment Association’s “20 in Their 20s” award.

Growing up on a farm in Indiana, Marker chose to study both agrobusiness and economics, and minor in marketing and public policy. Last year, he applied for “20 in Their 20s” because he wanted to share his story and the lessons he had learned throughout his career. In his application, he reflected a lot on what the first decade of his life as a working adult meant and decided to be very open about his vulnerabilities, his mistakes and his authentic self. 

Launched in 2019 as a recognition program at its core, “20 in Their 20s” is actually more than just a way to acknowledge outstanding results. It is also a way for young professionals at the beginning of their paths in multifamily to create additional connections and build upon their burgeoning careers.

“(The program) is a bridge between NAA and its NextGen members that will be leading the rental housing industry forward,” Stefani Hurst, NAA’s manager of member programs, said in the latest episode of NAA Insights, the quarterly podcast series hosted by Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar.

Here’s what you’ll hear about:

  • Marker’s background and why he applied for “20 in Their 20s” (1:25)
  • Who is eligible to apply for the award (8:12)
  • The application process and what it involves (8:50)
  • The Class of 2023 (11:40)
  • Why the award is more than just a recognition of the recipients’ achievements (14:33)
  • Previous awardees and where they’re at now (15:57)
  • Marker’s professional goals (16:55) 
  • How and when to apply for the Class of 2024 (24:10)
  • Is the young generation ready to take the helm? (26:10)
  • Marker’s message to the young generation (27:07)

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