MHN Interview: Providing Housing for Military Members

MHN interviews Terri Jean-Charles, government marketing manager at Oakwood Worldwide.

Terri Jean-Charles

Terri Jean-Charles

By Robin Nathanson, Associate Editor

Founded in 1960, Oakwood Worldwide pioneered the temporary housing industry and remains the world’s leading provider of furnished and serviced corporate apartments and residences. Oakwood Worldwide was just inducted into the USO of Metropolitan Washington-Baltimore’s Circle of Stars. The Circle of Stars is composed of corporate donors who provide funding to support military service members and their families through USO-Metro. Oakwood Worldwide was honored with this award for providing emergency housing for military members and their families who are experiencing extreme financial hardships or a crisis.

MHN recently spoke with Terri Jean-Charles, government marketing manager at Oakwood Worldwide, who shared some insights into the value of gaining the right knowledge from exploring business opportunities in this unique government sector.

MHN: What government agency do you work with?

Jean-Charles: Oakwood Worldwide offers extended stay housing solutions to both civilian and military agencies and government contractors. Within the United States Department of Defense (DoD), Oakwood Worldwide services all military branches and defense agencies.

Oakwood Worldwide's 232- unit apartment complex in Dallas.

Oakwood Worldwide’s 232- unit apartment community in Dallas.

MHN: What do service members and their families look for that is different from civilians? How do you accommodate to their needs?

Jean-Charles: Oakwood Worldwide offers housing solutions near military installations, within prescribed DoD per diem, our accommodations offer more living space than a typical hotel room for essential military gear and paraphernalia. Oakwood has over 50 years of experience servicing government clients; we want our clients to know that we understand the DoD and their needs. We accommodate military needs by servicing our DoD guests via a dedicated military call center.

MHN: Do you do anything unique for those with PTSD such as keeping quiet areas, etc.? What about for companion animals?

Jean-Charles: While we don’t have specific features for those with PTSD, we do have a strong partnership with the USO who provides us with links to their services on our special military-focused pages on the Oakwood website.

MHN: Is there anything additional you would like our audience to know?

Jean-Charles: Oakwood Worldwide is a true business partner of DoD personnel and offers lodging solutions with the New DoD Flat Rate Per Diem. Oakwood Worldwide offers customer service personnel who assist in securing the appropriate property offerings. Oakwood Worldwide offers procurement management and supports DoD contract solicitations and requests for lower costs and easier administration via our dedicated Contracts Administrator.

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