Mastering Student Housing Management

Core Spaces’ Christine Richards provides insights into training the next generation of professionals—and on the event that has unified property managers.

student housing management

Christine Richards, Property Management President, Core Spaces. Image courtesy of Core Spaces

Working with the student housing demographic comes with a lot of challenges and Core Spaces Property Management President Christine Richards knows that firsthand. She raised a Millennial and has a Gen Z that’s a freshman in college, so apart from her professional experience, she also learned about the younger generation’s needs at home.

Richards has a degree in elementary education, which proved extremely helpful when working with student residents. She is passionate about teaching and training the next generation, and she frequently finds herself guiding her team members’ professional path. Her proven track record of expertise and success have made her a role model in the industry.

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In this episode of the Mission Success: Women in Multifamily podcast series, Richards talks about her operational experience, her coaching activity and the importance of relationship-building. In her conversation with Multi-Housing News Senior Editor Laura Calugar, the industry veteran also refers to the pandemic experience as a moment that solidified the bonds in the industry.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this episode:

  • How she got into multifamily (0:40)
  • Her favorite thing about her job (1:45)
  • How the industry responded to the pandemic (3:05)
  • Interacting with students (10:40)
  • Her coaching activity (12:20)
  • Female role models (16:53)
  • The importance of detaching yourself from work (18:38)

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