Marazzi Sustains Energy-Efficient Building Façades

The system reduces energy costs by one third as well as installation time.

The current U.S focus on green building initiatives puts Marazzi’s porcelain stoneware cladding solution for energy-efficient buildings in the limelight.

Marazzi’s Ventilated Wall System’s first major component is an aluminum substructure grid that is secured by brackets to the building’s exterior wall. Following is the attachment of a thermal, waterproof insulation layer and an external cladding layer. The latter gives unlimited options for external aesthetics, given its nature of large-format porcelain stoneware with open joints, secured by the aluminum structure. Between the insulation and the cladding an air space is created that provides the natural ventilation.

An important feature of the system is efficiency, saving up to one-third on energy and a significant amount of time upon installation, due to the simplicity of the bracketing system. But the cost savings are also quite considerable, not only in account of the reduced cost of porcelain compared to natural stone products but also due to the thermal stability the ventilation cavity offers, preventing heat loss.

The positioning of the insulation outside of the wall eliminates condensation effect. Also featuring a better sound insulation, the Ventilated Wall System represents a good choice for a healthier, safer living or working environment.

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