Manufactured Housing Marketing Tips

Boost interest in MHCs with these suggestions.

Image by Brian Wangenheim via Unsplash. com

Manufactured housing, also known as mobile homes or prefab homes, has proven its strength in the face of deadly viruses and recession threats. In fact, this industry seems to thrive during distressed times, surfacing stronger every time. More so, in the aftermath of the pandemic, this resilient and affordable asset class is slowly diversifying its attributes and investing in community improvements, which will hopefully lead to removing the stigma associated with it.

So, what makes manufactured housing communities attractive, and how can owners boost their marketing strategy?

Highlight the fundamental attributes

Affordability remains the main attraction of the manufactured housing option. Manufactured homes are often more cost-effective than traditional site-built homes. Whether you offer the home itself, or the lot underneath, the cost will be eye-catching to the potential renter.

Energy efficiency is another attractive element of MHCs. New manufactured homes can be much more energy-efficient than other housing options in the same market at the same price. This adds to the home’s overall affordability, as the utility costs for occupants are substantially decreased.

Focus on the amenities

Years ago, mobile homes might have been pretty bare bones. But things have changed. Manufactured housing communities now offer a wide range of amenities that range from private septic tanks to pools and infrastructure and parking. Newer ones have drawn inspiration from the multifamily sector and developed amenity packages that include clubhouses, playgrounds, sports courts, open spaces and gardens, security and Wi-Fi.

An increasing number of manufactured housing communities are powered by solar, while some homeowners of mobile homes have invested in their own rooftop photovoltaic installations. If your MHC features energy-saving attributes or sustainable building materials, make sure you point that out.

Surrounding areas also represent an amenity. It may be that the MHC has river or wood frontage, which is highly important for someone who is a nature aficionado. Or maybe there are convenience stores close by, or biking trails and parks.

Choose your advertising vehicles

We live in the era of digitalization, so undoubtedly, the manufactured housing sector needs to increase its online presence. A professional website (make sure it’s mobile friendly!), a Google My Business listing, pages on social media channels, group chats on WhatsApp and/or Facebook  are all valuable tools.

Additionally, traditional or offline advertising is still effective—flyers, brochures and billboards in areas with high foot traffic are a good way to do it.

Use customer testimonials to build trust with potential renters. Positive reviews and testimonials go a long way in marketing.

Focus on the C in MHC

One stereotype about people living in MHCs is that they are “lone wolves” who don’t like socializing. But this misconception should remain in the past. Give the people a community and they will be communal. Offer them onsite management with leasing and maintenance teams and they will be grateful. Put that in your listing description.

Keep communication open with your current renters, on the property, by phone and via email and social media. Inform them of scheduled inspection, maintenance and landscaping, ask them for suggestions on how to improve the park, organize social events like ice cream parties in the summer or Thanksgiving dinner in November, arrange a Neighborhood Watch program. This also helps a great deal to foster a sense of belonging and social interaction.

Finally, where needed, collaborate with local governments and housing organizations to explore affordable housing initiatives for the less fortunate. Some grants and subsidies can be pursued to assist low-income residents in meeting their housing needs. Moreover, community land trusts can be established to protect mobile home parks from redevelopment, securing their existence in the long run.

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