In the Age of High-Tech, Low- and No-Tech Amenities Still Have Their Place

What “no-tech” amenities do you offer at your community?

Diana PittroBy Diana Pittro, Executive Vice President, RMK Management Corp.

Most of the focus on amenities is on the latest and greatest technology—tech centers, Wi-Fi, keyless entry systems, etc. But for multifamily owners and managers, it can be just as important to foster what’s actual, not just virtual. Old-fashioned face-to-face gathering often can be even more important than technology when it comes to resident retention.

For example, at RMK’s communities, we host monthly events and activities that give our residents a chance to meet each other and form friendships. Residents come together for movie nights, cooking classes, volunteer opportunities and more. Many even plan their own community events, like running clubs, book clubs, knitting groups, study groups, kids’ play dates and pet meet-ups. But these types of gatherings aren’t unique to our communities – they would be a great addition to any multifamily property. By helping residents connect on a personal level, an owner or manager can make neighbors and a sense of community valuable amenities, too. Whether your property is in an urban area or suburban location, these “no-tech amenities” can be equally popular.

These groups are not only a lot of fun, but they’re also good business. At our properties, we have retention rates as high as 69 percent, with residents calling an RMK community home for five, 10… even 30-plus years. Resident satisfaction surveys show that although the state-of-the-art technology, luxury amenities and well-finished apartments may be what initially draws someone to a community, it is the personal connections with staff and other residents that really stand out and make a building feel like home.

What “no-tech” amenities do you offer at your community?

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