How to Deal with the Emotional AND Needy

The multifamily industry is a unique one: We must hit sales goals, but we also have to meet our customers’ needs as individuals.

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Picture this: It’s the end of the day on a Thursday. As you make sure the last of your traffic is entered and begin completing the closing checklist, seemingly out of nowhere Mr. Smith from #222 has appeared at your desk and is asking—no, demanding—to know why someone is parked in his parking space. Again.

Your first instinct may be to recoil, roll your eyes (hopefully just on the inside!) or even remark letting him know you truly don’t know why someone did it… but we’ve all had the thought of “Really? Again?! This is the 4th time this week I’ve had to deal with someone parked in another person’s space!”

Whew… take a deep breath. Now take another. Feeling better yet? Here’s the thing—to you, it may be the 4th or 400th time you’ve dealt with that this week but for your resident, hopefully it’s his first.

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