How to Build a Top-Notch Seller Reputation in Multifamily

Here are some easy things you can do to build a reputation during the marketing and contract period.

Sellers, you want to develop a reputation with every buyer in the marketplace that buying from you is first class. You want them to talk about you in a good way at dinner that night with their spouse.

There are a number of things that go into developing an awesome reputation as a seller. A very simple one that’s easy to do and goes a long way is how you care for your property during the marketing and contract period. Are you the seller that spends as little money as humanly possible during this time because you feel like you’re throwing money away at something you won’t own in 90 days or are you the seller that understands the power of going above and beyond to care for an asset because the reputational benefits will spread throughout the multifamily world and handsomely reward you long term?

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