How Safe Is Your Community?

Residents of apartment communities across the country voice their concerns surrounding safety and security.

Image via Pixabay

In this month’s partnership with Kingsley Associates, residents sound off on safety and security within their communities. Among the most common concerns were security cameras, street lighting and parking issues.

“The community itself seems really nice, but some of the surrounding areas seem questionable. I wish it was gated and that there were a few more street lights on the way to the community, I would feel a lot safer.” –San Bruno, Calif.

“I originally came here because it was a gated community. However, the gate is only closed 20% of the time. Maybe the car break-ins that have been reported would stop if the gates were closed all the time.” –Asheville, N.C.

“Communication could be a lot better. We should hear about things as they happen, not long after. We should be receiving more text alerts, especially when fire alarms go off or there are break-ins. We don’t get full information for these situations and it makes me feel uneasy to live here.” –Atlanta, Ga.

“Some of the exterior stairways are completely dark. Not only would good (or any) lighting help your residents safely move around, it’d probably please your insurance company.” –San Diego, Calif.

“My biggest complaint is the parking is absolutely horrible. I never feel safe when I have to park so far away from my building. There has been a lot of police activity here and it makes me not feel safe.” –Lakewood, Colo.

“I have kids who need to play. The parks I was looking forward to in this development are run down and not safe. When sand with nails and glass is your backyard, a nice area to play would make a difference.” –Marina, Calif.

“We had a serious situation in which we had a break-in the apartment. Administration did not give us any options to get out of the contract and were extremely insensitive. Improve your customer service!” –Austin, Texas

“Last year, my car was hit in the leasing office parking lot. Last week, my husband’s truck toolbox was broken into. I can’t believe that in a community this size, there are NO security cameras in any parking lot. I think that’s incredibly irresponsible of you guys.” –Denver, Colo.

“They spend money on taking out palm trees, but not security cameras. My storage space is broken into more than twice a month.” –Imperial Beach, Calif.

“The inability to reach the leasing office when needed was a large part of my decision to move. I had to call the police on more than one occasion for noise complaints after hours.” –Columbia, Md.

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