Curiosity Closes the Sale

Adding "why" into your closing process can help get that lease signed.

Image by Tumisu via Pixabay

More often than not I witness leasing consultants asking the same questions, usually in the same order: “What size home do you need? When are you looking to move? Do you have a budget?” With the few insights now gleaned, they immediately pull out their availability sheets to begin explaining all the available options that meet those requirements and those requirements only. But the thing they don’t realize is their greatest asset during that conversation is not the availability list, rather it’s one important word: Why.

“I understand that you’re looking for a two bedroom. May I ask why two bedrooms?”

Maybe your prospect is new to the city and wants a guest room for visitors…however, a two bedroom is out of the price range they gave you. Instead of a simple, “No, we don’t have anything that meets your requirements” and sending them on their way, asking the question of why will allow you to understand your prospect’s motivations and provide solutions that work for them. Perhaps you have a guest suite in your community, or an agreement with a local hotel that provides discounts to your residents. By understanding why they want a second room, you can not only save the sale, but you will truly “wow” your customer by taking the time to understand them.

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