How Boots on the Ground Build True Community

Tune in for insights from Cityview’s Melissa Delgado in the new episode of Mission Success: Women in Multifamily.

Melissa Delgado, Vice President of Asset Management, Cityview. Image courtesy of Cityview

Focused on multifamily in the western U.S., Cityview has a little over 5,000 units under management, most of them throughout California. The company is also involved in multifamily development, value-add plays and opportunity zone projects, but no matter what they work on, one of their main purposes is to build a sense of community.

“People will be more apt to stay in a community than they are to stay in a home,” Vice President of Asset Management Melissa Delgado told Senior Editor Laura Calugar in the November episode of the Mission Success: Women in Multifamily podcast series.

Delgado has always had a desire to be in the built environment, especially in the multifamily industry where she felt she could make an impact in people’s lives. She enjoys seeing her business plans come to fruition and how they impact the broader community. Tune in to discover her work philosophy, her plans for the company as well as her views on the multifamily industry.

Here are a few of the topics discussed:

  • Opportunity zones (1:30)
  • Working in multifamily (3:58)
  • Challenges of the past two years (7:17)
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion (10:44)
  • Plans for the company (14:45)

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