MHN Executive Council

MHN Executive Council: How to Ensure Efficiency With Centralization

Tips to ensure efficiency in your multifamily processes.

MHN Executive Council: The Key to Balancing AI and Human Interaction

AI can do a lot—but it can’t (and shouldn’t) do everything. Here’s how to find a happy medium.

MHN Executive Council: How to Encourage the Next Generation of Marketing Leaders

Tips to train and retain your employees and strengthen your team.

MHN Executive Council: Measuring Social Media Success

Do you know the right metrics to look at for your social media campaigns? The MHN Executive Council explores what works best.

MHN Executive Council: More Ways to Support Your Team’s Mental Health

Strategies to improve employee retention and avoid worker burnout.

MHN Executive Council: The Amenities You Need Now

You might already have these must-haves. Read what our experts have to say.

MHN Executive Council

MHN Executive Council: Data-Based Decisions

What KPIs are important to multifamily? Executives weigh in.