MHN Executive Council: Tips to Improve Your Property Branding

What makes your property stand out and stick in potential renters' minds?

MHN Executive Council

What makes your property stand out to prospective residents and stick in their minds? This month, the MHN Executive Council shares their branding strategies to help differentiate their communities from the competition.

Susan McPeak
Susan McPeak

Target Demo

As a third-party multifamily management company, The REMM Group oversees a diverse portfolio of communities. The strengths, unique features, location and lifestyle each community offers shape its branding strategy.

Our approach to branding varies significantly depending on the nature of the community. For instance, a senior living community nestled in a tranquil suburb will be marketed differently from a cutting-edge property in Los Angeles featuring modern amenities such as polished concrete floors, smart technology and co-working spaces.

The majority of our properties fall into one of two overarching themes: one for luxury communities and another for lifestyle communities. From there the branding refines in approach based on the demographic preferences and desired lifestyle of the specific target audience.

For lease-ups and certain specialized communities we go outside these two core themes. For example, the Vues on Gordon is a luxury property located between Sunset & Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, it boasts a rooftop deck with stunning views of the Hollywood Sign, offering residents the opportunity to “Live like a Star!”

By tailoring our branding strategies to reflect the unique attributes of each apartment community, we effectively differentiate each in the market and attract residents whose lifestyles and aspirations align with what the respective communities offer. —Susan McPeak, Corporate Ambassador, The REMM Group

Mary Cook
Mary Cook

Inside Out

Branding a property is more than the logo on the wall. The interior design must reflect the property’s unique position in the market. The promise that goes along with the brand—what the property will deliver to residents—should be evidenced in every resident touchpoint.

Is the way that staff communicates with residents aligned with the brand? Do events authentically reflect the lifestyle experience that the brand promises? Are everyday concerns managed in a way that strengthens the brand? A property’s brand serves as the pillar of how residents experience life once the doors are open. —Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

Jim Love
Jim Love

Story Time

To successfully differentiate your brand, it is essential to thoroughly research your target demographic and build your brand around the lifestyle they aspire to. This requires a collaborative effort involving development, asset management, property management, operations and marketing. However, with many brands adopting this approach, standing out can be challenging but not impossible.

Authenticity, storytelling and exceptional customer service are critical to making your brand unique. Crafting a compelling brand story that resonates emotionally with your audience is essential. Your brand’s origins, mission and values must be communicated in a way that feels genuine and relatable. This authenticity is why we emphasize social media campaigns at the local level—sharing real people and real stories to create authentic connections.

Providing exceptional customer service that surpasses competitors is equally important. This includes offering personalized experiences and outstanding resident support, which fosters a strong sense of community among our residents. By focusing on these elements, you can effectively differentiate your brand and create lasting, meaningful connections with your audience. —Jim Love, Vice President of Marketing & Brand, Draper and Kramer

Maria Pietroforte
Maria Pietroforte

Ask the Questions

In my experience, understanding what your residents truly like about your property will give you valuable insight for differentiating your property brand. Many companies ask residents these sort of questions in their annual surveys, which is useful for a tally. I prefer a more engaging approach and asking the residents what they like. You can create a “promotional button” that asks what do you like as a conversation prompt. You learn so much more when you listen verbally to what your residents like. Incorporate the resident feedback to build your brand persona. —Maria Pietroforte, President, Maria Pietroforte Consulting

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