MHN Executive Council: The Amenities You Need Now

You might already have these must-haves. Read what our experts have to say.

When it comes to apartment amenities, it’s sometimes feels like you have to keep up with the Jones’. But while high-tech, flashy amenities are sometimes a fun add, are they really going to get potential renters in the door? The MHN Executive Council shares what amenities you really need.

Susan McPeak, Creative Director, The Dales Group

Keeping It Clean

The most popular current amenity for residents in The REMM Group communities is a full-size in-home washer and dryer. Small efficient washer/dryer combos with tiny capacities are not a plus.

Residents also want good high-speed internet and centralized air conditioning with good building insulation to keep apartments cool and electric bills down. The draw is even better if we add solar to the building to help offset the costs for residents. —Susan McPeak, Creative Director, The Dales Group


Lili Dunn, president & CEO of Bell Partners

Lili Dunn, President & CEO of Bell Partners. Image courtesy of Bell Partners

Electric vehicle charging stations have become a high-demand amenity that has grown in popularity recently. We currently install EV charging stations on an asset-by-asset basis but with the increasing adoption of electric vehicles, Bell Partners has identified EV charging as a key amenity addition for 2023 and beyond. Our goal is to adequately equip our properties for current resident needs, while also planning for an increase in future demand. The right partner, the right equipment and the right platform are key to realizing this goal. —Lili Dunn, CEO & President, Bell Partners

Mary Cook

Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

It’s What’s on the Inside that Counts

I’m a firm believer—the best developers are too—that the number one amenity is great interior design. An amenity for an amenity’s sake does as much harm as not having the right one. For example, if a popular, state-of-the-art fitness club sits across the street from a property, including a fitness center as an amenity is irrelevant and will likely go unused.

Must-have amenities follow good programming and good programming relies on a thorough analysis of the site, surrounding area, trends, demographics and more. High-end bike racks make sense for biking communities and properties near bike paths. Creative studio spaces make sense in art-centric neighborhoods. Chef kitchens make sense in urban areas known for their cuisine and restaurant going lifestyles. Carefully thought out amenities will attract and support residents’ lifestyles in ways that set them apart from the competition. —Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

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