MHN Executive Council: Measuring Social Media Success

Do you know the right metrics to look at for your social media campaigns? The MHN Executive Council explores what works best.

Clicks? Likes? Shares? When it comes to social media at your multifamily community, how do you know your campaign is actually working? The MHN Executive Council shares what’s important to them and how they measure results with their social media campaigns.

Lili Dunn, president & CEO of Bell Partners

Lili Dunn, president & CEO of Bell Partners. Image courtesy of Bell Partners

Use the Tools

At Bell Partners, we use a social media management tool for organic social media tracking, evaluating success through engagement rates, audience growth, and lead generation. We also value customer feedback to ensure our social media resonates positively with our audience. For paid social campaigns, we collaborate with several digital agencies to measure success with metrics like click-through rates, conversions, and impressions. We closely monitor audience targeting and engagement to maximize the effectiveness of our paid social advertising efforts.  —Lili Dunn, CEO & President, Bell Partners

Jim Love, vice president of marketing & brand, Draper and Kramer

Enjoy Some R&R

In measuring the success of our social media campaigns, we focus on a little R&R: Reach and Responses. Reach is all about seeing our content go beyond our follower count, ideally reaching an exponentially larger audience. The broader the reach, the greater our visibility and the higher the potential for lead generation.

On the other hand, responses highlight our commitment to engaging with our audience. Our team strives to respond promptly and empathetically to reviews, comments and inquiries. The more we nurture these interactions, the better our customer retention and the more compelling our brand narrative becomes online.

So, in essence, for us, success in social media campaigns is the perfect harmony of expanding reach and fostering meaningful responses, ensuring that our brand resonates far and wide in the digital landscape. —Jim Love, Vice President of Marketing & Brand, Draper and Kramer

Maria Pietroforte, president, Maria Pietroforte Consulting

Know Your Metrics

Measuring the success of social media campaigns can vary depending on your objectives, but there are some common indicators such as follower growth, which is important if your goal is to increase your online presence. Likes, comments, shares and clickthrough rates provide insight to how well your content engages with your audience.

When you social media campaign is to attract new team members or future residents, pay attention to the number of clicks or referrals to your website. Another key success metric is conversion rates.

It is essential that the metrics you use align with your campaign goals and that you do not determine success based on one metric. —Maria Pietroforte, President, Maria Pietroforte Consulting

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