MHN Executive Council: Improving Work-From-Home at Apartments

Are your communities work-from-home friendly for your residents? Our Executive Council members give their best tips.

Work-from-home is here to stay! So how can property managers make the experience better for residents and appeal to prospective renters? The MHN Executive council gives their top suggestions.

Mary Cook

Flex Space

Contrary to what many believe, all work from home is not created equal. Psychographics—the specific demographic and generational attributes associated with various age groups—dictate different strategies for designing optimal work-from-home environments. Private pocket spaces conducive to boosting productivity must do double duty to flexibly support a range of activities once workers are “off the clock.”

Adaptability and functionality can transform workspaces into rejuvenation areas for individual and group social time, crafting, gaming, exercising and more. Individual temperature controls, flexible lighting designs, barriers for sound trespassing and desk and chair ergonomics all interconnect to enhance overall comfort whether working or relaxing. Access to natural sunlight and the outdoors also go a long way in facilitating both productivity while working and relaxation during off hours. —Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

Dan Ford

Out of the Apartment

We are adding USB plugs in the kitchen area and bedrooms for additional charging options. Also creating small conference rooms in the larger clubhouses so residents can have meetings there vs. in their apartments. —Daniel Ford, Director of Asset and Property Management, The Clear Blue Company

Christine Gustafson

Keeping it Hospitable 

COVID taught us that work-from-home is feasible. It also taught us that the multifamily infrastructure is not meant, historically, to maintain all residents 24/7. With more people working from home, the resurgence of doorstep-to-dumpster disposal services are more pronounced. Amenity spaces are being focused on to ensure everything is operational, clean and accessible at all times; residents want to work out or play with Fido at lunch or on breaks. Additionally, new ideas, such as mini markets, are making their way from the hospitality industry to the multifamily industry. Now, residents can grab and go at their community’s clubhouse!

In-homes, outlets are being converted to accommodate USBs. Customer service should not be overlooked. On-site teams are interacting more face-to-face with those residents who are working from home. That means ensuring customer service is paramount, communication is efficient and follow up is thorough. —Christine Gustafson, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, The Breeden Co.

Michael Napovanice

Conference Center

We are redesigning our clubhouses with more smaller conference rooms with larger TVs and conference call systems in place. We are also moving out the pool tables and game systems and installing longer tables with power and USB ports so people can work there instead of their unit. —Michael Napovanice, President & Principal, Orion Property Group

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