MHN Executive Council: Best Resident Services Options

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MHN Executive Council

Happy residents equals less renter turn over and good word of mouth about your community. What are some benefits you can offer your residents? The MHN Executive Council shares what they offer at their communities, and what they’re looking to invest in in the future.

Diana Pittro, Executive Vice President, RMK Management Corp.
Diana Pittro

Meet and Greet

At all 36 properties we manage in the Midwest, we provide residents with a move-in packet filled with coupons for discounts at local restaurants and retailers. We are always looking for creative ways to expand and enhance those offerings to further connect them with the local neighborhood, as well as complement the lifestyle they enjoy at our properties.

Additionally, we are adding pickleball courts at several communities, as that amenity is currently in high demand thanks to the growing popularity of the sport. We also occasionally host events where we cook or grill for residents, since we’ve found that organized resident gatherings in which they can meet new neighbors over a meal are very popular. As an added bonus, that type of event also shows off amenities like grilling areas or entertainment kitchens that residents can use on their own. —Diana Pittro, Executive Vice President, RMK Management

Cyrus Claffey
Cyrus Claffey

Home Sweet Home

The multifamily market is getting more and more competitive every day. One surefire way to ensure that your residents are satisfied is to make them feel like they’re home when they’re at your property, rather than just renting a unit for a short time. To do this, we’re investing more and more in amenities that improve the quality of life of our residents, make their routines easier, and encourage them to see our property as more than a space to park their bags for a year or two.

Some amenities that we’d love to invest in include robust coworking spaces. Most residents work at least one day a week from their home office, missing out on crucial social time they’d otherwise get. Adding a coworking space with room to set up a temporary workspace, fast Wi-Fi and a coffee bar provides a space where they can get their work done and mingle with their neighbors.

Additionally, we’ve found that our residents are always on the move, struggling to complete their daily tasks sometimes. We’d like to ease that pain by partnering with local cleaning companies, laundry services, and pet sitting services to offer a discount to residents to these services. —Cyrus Claffey, Founder, ButterflyMX

Mary Cook
Mary Cook

Health and Wellness

Today’s multifamily residents are increasingly focused on health, well-being and overall living better. Providing a range of options to residents to streamline their busy lives adds value to existing amenities.

For example, everyone knows that vending machines have expanded offerings beyond traditional snacks and beverages. The broader range of products we now see and expect to continue include fresh, gourmet food options including meal kits and co-branded items like Subway and Jimmy John’s and frozen meals like Lean Cuisine and Healthy Choice. Non-food items include personal care products, OTC medicines and electronics.

Raising the bar on services adds more conveniences and time-saving options. From car washes and pet walking to accessibility to lockers for sporting equipment and access to bikes, pumps and even tools, catering to the needs of the demographic can help plan for future services. —Mary Cook, President, Mary Cook Associates

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